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That Pesky Hamstring strain

The sudden sharp pain down the back of your thigh as you reach full sprint, followed by pain, possible swelling, bruising and tenderness. You know you've just done one of your hamstring muscles. The Hamstrings are made up of three muscles, The Biceps Femoris muscle, semimembranosus and semitendinosus. They perform many functions, one of the main functions being flexion (bending) of the knee.

The Hamstrings are generally injured during athletic activities.

Causes of Hamstring strain include:

  • Sudden powerful movement that overstretches one of the muscles

  • Tight Lower Back

  • Tight Glute muscles

  • Poor flexibility

  • Overtraining/Overloading your Hamstrings

  • improper warm up

Symptoms include:

  • Sudden sharp pain

  • Tenderness

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Pain using Hamstrings muscles

Note: Ice in the initial treatment phase, heat thereafter.

Once the pain subsides Rehabilitation steps include:

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Stretches to increase flexibility and range of movement

  • Strengthening exercises to improve strength of the Hamstrings

  • Strengthening exercises to build strength of the Glute, hip and lower back muscles (weakness and tightness of these muscle groups play a big part in Hamstring problems)

Till next time that's all folks!

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