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Rolled your ankle again?

An Ankle sprain most commonly occurs on the outside of the ankle as there is a greater range of movement in turning the foot inwards. Depending on the severity it could be within three days or as long as two weeks after the injury before the initial pain has receded and you can walk reasonably comfortably.

An X-Ray and specialist opinion could be needed if the injury is severe enough.

Ice the injury in the initial phases (first two to three days), use heat thereafter. When icing the ankle keep the foot above the hip to help drain any swelling away.

It's important to get the range of movement back into the ankle as soon as possible.

Once range of movement restored then progress to strength work.

Example of balance work.

Balancing on left leg with right leg raised.

Video example of lower leg strength work.

Swimming and Cycling can be included here to increase cardiovascular fitness. Further progression to straight line running then running with turns progressing to sharp turns.

A brief rundown of a return to fitness from an Ankle sprain.

Till next time folks!

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