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Essential Oil for Essential Living

Here at West Revive Therapy we use a combination of natural essential oils with a unique blend of sweet almond oil infused with arnica oil.

Our blends have many anti inflammatory, arthritic, invigorating, soothing, relaxing properties just to name a few.

Blended locally to the highest standards that match the quality of service we provide in our clinic.

Our stressed injured tired muscles essential oil

blend is a mixture of pure ashwagandha, basil, rosemary, marjoram, wintergreen, and lavender essential oils infused with pure sweet almond and arnica oil, aids the recovery from strains, sprains, bruising, muscle fatigue and repetitive strain


Our Relaxation and Stress Reduction essential oil

blend is a mixture of pure lavender, chamomile and

geranium oil infused with sweet almond and arnica

oil, aids in relaxation and stress reduction for those

stressful periods in all our lives.

Our Arnica Gel is a water

based gel with arnica extract,

aids the recovery from bruising.

Available in our shop on our website, natural essential oil blends and arnica gel made here in Westport. Till next time folks!

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